Rising Healthcare Costs & Increasing Competition Set the Tone | Healthcare Business Solution

Rising Healthcare Costs & Increasing Competition Set the Tone

Rising Healthcare Costs & Increasing Competition Set the Tone

As the pandemic fades from view, employers face new hurdles—rising inflation, organizational rightsizing, and navigating post-regulatory compliance. In this landscape, broker partnerships are more critical than ever.

Late last year, Optavise surveyed more than 100 U.S.-based health insurance brokers, representing the top 20 largest insurance brokerage firms on three main areas: their current service offerings, which services deliver the most business value, and how their models are likely to evolve to help them compete in the coming year.

Delve into this report to understand why surveyed brokers cited the following market forces as drivers for adding product and service offerings in 2023:

  • Escalating healthcare costs
  • Growing demand for price transparency
  • Heightened competition from other brokers
  • The commoditization of health insurance offerings

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